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Using Deluxe Popup Window, anyone can add popups to their web site in a couple of minutes
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7 July 2010

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While surfing the Internet and visiting some website you may sometime encounter popup ads or opening other windows taking you to a different site or webpage. Most people consider popups annoying and want to avoid it. However, there are certain popups which takes the user to a webpage which are informational and relate to the website they are visiting. Even though most people may try to avoid such popups at first they will be drawn towards your site if you insert popups that interested them the most. If you are keen on inserting popups into your site you can try Javascript Popup Window 3.3 which can easily insert popup ads and redirects on your site.

For developing popup windows you might require to have special skills in programming languages such as HTML, PHP, and JAVA. However, with specialized tools like Javascript Popup Window 3.3 you can easily create popup windows for your website in minutes without much knowledge of programming languages. With its interactive GUI you can generate all the codes necessary for creating javascript popup window with a few click of the mouse. You can create different values for each and every popup which gives each of them a unique identity and all behave in a different manner. Javascript Popup Window comes with a lot of standardized templates which you can apply to your popup windows. You can also modify the size and style of the popup window and tune the setting to display popup when your visitor enters or leaves your site. The best part about popups created by Javascript Popup Window is that they remain undetectable to most popup blocker and therefore increasing your chance of generating more revenue.

To conclude, Javascript Popup Window 3.3 is a great tool for website owners who want to generate more ad revenue or want to drive traffic to their other sites. We liked this products ability to escape the security of popup blockers and displaying the webpage the user wants his/her visitors to see and give it a rating of three stars.

Publisher's description

Using Deluxe Popup Window, anyone can add popups to their web site in a couple of minutes. You don't need any in-depth knowledge of HTML or Javascript to develop popup windows with Deluxe Popup Window. Deluxe Popup Window comes with an easy-to-use GUI wizard Deluxe Tuner that allows you to generate all the code needed to create javascript popup windows in just a few mouse clicks. Each of popups operate independently. So, all values can be different for each one, and each can behave differently. Deluxe Popup Window comes with a lot of pre-defined templates. It takes the guess work and drudgery out of creating popup windows. Customize your window property for a perfect fit and proper location. These popup windows are totally transparent to any "popup stopper" programs. Used for creating DHTML popups and DHTML adverts, as well as content management systems, giving helpful hints and information, link to other web sites and web pages, email sign-up/opt-in forms, newsletter subscriptions and much more for their websites. You can adjust the position, the size and the style of the Deluxe Popup Window, you can also launch the popup window when the visitor ENTER or LEAVE your page! Unique Features: * You can drag popups around by using the titlebar. * You can resize them by clicking the little triangle icon in the lower right corner of each popup and dragging to the desired size. * To close the popup, just click the box in the corner. * Scrollbars will automatically appear if the content inside the popup exceeds the dimensions. * Click the minimize box to "minimize" the popup. This will shrink the popup. * To "restore" the popup, click the restore box. This will restore the popup to its original size. * You can configure the popups to appear or not appear if the user returns to the page. * Various effects for the entry and exit of the Deluxe Popup Window - move-effect, fade-effect, transparency effects.
Javascript Popup Window
Javascript Popup Window
Version 3.3
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